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Export Tips



Ever wonder how to add crops, or get them to show up in a PDF? Here are some handy tips to help!


There are two important steps to printing with crops and bleed:

First turn your crops on when you go to print or export,

Next adjust the page set up to print an additional area that will show the crops and bleed.

Example: In InDesign when you print or export, your print/export dialog box appears, choose 'Marks and Bleeds' and below this setting make sure Œ'Use document bleeds' is unchecked, and manually type in '.125' for top, bottom, left, and right. *You just told the PDF or print out to add crops and print to a space large enough to show bleeds and marks (remember if you are printing your document size just increased by a 1/4th so you will need to print on a bigger sheet).

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