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Direct Mailing

Here at Advance Printing and Graphics (614-299-9770) we can design and print your direct mail. We are not just talking junk mail here. We're talking direct mail that gets results. Results that brings returns for you and your business. All this with our great low prices.


Do you get confused with all the jargon: Bulk mail, standard mail, Presort First Class, NCOA, CASS certified? You don't have to be. Call 614-299-9770 and talk to Columbus' premier Direct Mail provider. We've been providing Direct Mail to Columbus for over 20 years.


At Advance Printing and Graphics we don't just put addresses on envelopes and hope for the best. We work with you to design a mailing piece that gets results: We're talking about content that communicates and design that grabs attention. We discuss target audience and projected results and put together a mail campaign that gets results...period.


To talk to a direct mail specialist, call us at 614-299-9770.

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